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“Today I not only have my own beauty parlour but also employ three other women”:

Rani* comes from a poor background and is a school dropout. Her husband, an auto driver barely earned enough to make ends meet. As a family they had been going through a rough time. With financial problems mounting, even feeding and educating their children had become a challenge.

Rani, heard about Asha Jyothi Employable Skills Training Institute through her friends. She joined the Beautician Basic & Advance course & successfully completed her course. Right after her graduation she was employed at a reputable local beauty parlour called and worked there for 4 long years, gaining valuable experience and confidence. Her job and the additional income not only helped her earn a living but also ensured that the kids remained in school. A year ago, when she had mustered the confidence, she decided to quit her job and began her own beauty parlour called “Beauty Life” Parlour in Alwal. Rani’s business began to bloom and she has been very successful in her business, earning upto Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- a month.

A few days ago, Rani’s husband walked into the Asha Jyothi office to thank our tutors and staff for all the help we had given them. He said, “Your timely help relieved our family from all our financial burdens “. Rani now aims to further develop her business and she is also in the process of starting a second beauty parlour. She is desperately looking for 3 new staff and our present batch beautician students have been going to her parlour and gain practical on-the-job experience.

* Name and picture changed for privacy

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