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“The sky is now the limit for me”

Due to certain unfortunate circumstances in his childhood, Fahim was unable to continue his education after 10th grade. A boy with many dreams and desires, he was not ready to let this discourage him. When he went to his mentor looking for help, he was advised to join the Asha Jyothi Employable Skill Training Institute.

Although initially overwhelmed by the prospect of taking up this new course, he worked hard at his lessons and soon began enjoying his training.

In April 2019, he successfully completed the Office Management Course at Asha Jyothi. On graduation he was offered the job of a well-paid Office Assistant at a reputable Freight company in Mumbai

Today he is enjoying his job (picture from current workplace) and remains grateful for the training and love he received at Asha Jyothi that enabled him find hope in the pursuit of his dreams.

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