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  • Asha Jyothi

Six students from Asha Tuition centres score a perfect 10 Grade Point Average in 2019 SSC public

The Asha Tuition Centres exist to assist children with after-school tutoring and academic help. Many of the children at our tuition centres are first generation school-goers whose parents are unable to help them with their lessons. This leaves the children with poor scores, lagging behind in class, often discouraged and ultimately dropping out of school.

The Asha Tuition centres exist to help such students successfully complete education, opening up paths for success in the future. Each Tuition centres has a well trained school teacher who spends two hours every evening, helping these kids with their lessons, homework and constant encouragement.

In the recent Government High School (SSC) exams, all 6 toppers from a local

school in Medchal who scored a perfect 10 on 10 GPA belonged to Asha Tuition Centres. Many of them have gone on to receive cash rewards, scholarships and are today successfully pursuing their further education

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