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Asha Jyothi believes that non-profits that are able to generate a portion of their operational expenses through income generation projects are inherently more robust, capable of producing long-term impact even in the face of unreliable/inconsistent funding

Asha Garment Factory 

Right from its inception, Asha Jyothi has taken steps to intentionally pursue economic self-sustainability through the creation of a number of income generation projects. The Asha Garment factory is one of our largest income generation projects that not only supports the operational costs of our projects but also provides employment for a number of women in our community. Today a wide range of garments including – Tshirts, pants, shirts, punjammies, shorts, robes, scrubbers, towels etc are exported to countries all over the world including USA, UK, Australia and Switzerland among others.

Asha Books 

Asha books is a wholesale book business that today distributes books to bookshops across India and parts of South East Asia

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