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“I was the first girl to be formally employed in my family”

Sneha* comes from a remote village in the Indian state of Telangana. She lost her father to HIV/AIDS at a young age and the family struggled financially.

During a local Asha Awareness event, our staff were introduced to her family and encouraged her to join the Asha Employable Skill Training Institute. Longing to see her employed and safe, her mother brought her to Asha Jyothi.

Although initially fearful, Sneha soon got along with our staff and excelled at her computer and Data entry courses. Upon completion of her training, she received a Government job as a Data operator earning a good salary every month.

Overjoyed to finally have a job, she told us that she was the first woman to ever be formally employed in her family. She remains grateful to Asha Jyothi for the training she received here that today enables her to work and support herself and her mother.

* Name and picture changed for privacy

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