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“I can now dream of fulfilling my desire to be a successful IAS office one day”

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Rani’s father passed away due to a heart attack while she was still a small baby. Struggling to come to terms with this loss, her mother tried hard to find jobs that could support her two kids. She even tried working multiple jobs but what she earned was insufficient to provide both her kids adequate food and good quality education.

This is when she heard about the Asha Jyothi children homes from a neighbour. Longing to see her Rani well educated and cared for, she brought her to Asha Jyothi children home in 2011.

A bright and hard- working student, she soon began to enjoy school and excel in her studies. Soon she was not only topping her class every year but also assisting other children in the homes with their studies. In 2018 the school awarded as the “Best Academic Performer for 2018-2019”. She later also went on to receive a special “Prime Ministers assistance reward” for her excellent performance.

After 9 years at our home when she wrote her 10th grade Board exams, she topped the school scoring a perfect 10 GPA. Today she is working hard to achieve her dream of becoming an IAS officer one day

* Name and picture changed for privacy

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