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Transforming Lives

 Asha Jyothi exists to offer a sustainable alternative to the false promises of human traffickers through good quality education and employable skill training

“We knew that if these two girls were left on the streets of Hyderabad, they would soon be trafficked”

In June 2007, a friend saw a man leave two girls on a road near Hyderabad. When he confronted him, the father told him that he was from a poor village and could no longer provide for his five children. He wanted to leave them on the streets of Hyderabad hoping they could beg and find some food to survive. Astonished and unsure what to do, the friend brought the two girls to Saji and Cynthia John. While we had no infrastructure, funding, or staff to take care of these girls, we knew that if they were left on the streets of Hyderabad, they would soon be trafficked. This was the beginning of Asha Jyothi.

What began with two girls has grown into an organization that today aims to rescue vulnerable children and young girls from being trafficked, and provide them with a sustainable alternative through good quality education and employable skill training.

Over the years, children and women from various at-risk backgrounds including – orphan and semi orphans, children

rescued from trafficking, single mothers and widows, girls rescued from temple prostitution, children affected by HIV/AIDS and children from low - income families – have undergone a wide range of education and skill training programs at Asha Jyothi

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