Asha tuition centers

For many years NGO’s in India have been working in the field of micro finance and vocational skills training programs. The goals of these programs have been mainly two fold:

  1. Help the uneducated and the poor to stand on their own leg. This has helped in many ways and many have moved upwards economically and this has brought dignity in their lives and some sort of aspirations for their future generations.
  2. Their Increased level of income would enable them to send their children to school.

To some extend this has been successful. Through the Micro loans many were able to start micro businesses and others have had increased level of income because of their new skills. This extra income has enabled many of them to send their children to Private English Medium Schools with an aspiration that these children would study and will be successful in life.



The above said beneficiaries strive hard to send their children to these English medium schools because they realize that only children educated in these schools stand the chance to get good jobs. However, the problem is that, when these children come back home from school, the parents are not in a position to help them with their homework and help them with their lessons. The children struggle with no help and some of them soon lose interest in studies as they are not able to cope with their studies nor are they in a position of compete with their co-students in the class. As a result of this frustration some of them drop out of their school.



Realizing the above said need, Asha Jyothi started Asha Tuition Centers among the local communities. Each of these tuition centers would cater to 25 students whose parents are not in a position to help their children in their studies. Each center will have one tuition teacher who would spend 2 hours every evening with these children and help them in their homework and help them in understanding their lessons better. The teachers would be there to help them with any questions that the students may have about the lessons that they have learned in their class.

Story of Paneshwar

parmeshwarPaneshwar lost both of his parents and he stays with his widowed grandmother. The maximum marks he got last year were 45%. He was so discouraged and having no one to help him in his studies he wanted to drop out of school that is when his friends introduced him to Asha Tuition Center. With two hours of help every day from Asha tuition center he was able to score 85% in his second unit test and got second rank for academic performance in his whole class. Paneshwar says, my school authorities, tuition teacher and my grandmother are very happy with this progress and I will always remain grateful to Asha Tuition Center.



My name is Nayak and I am doing my 6th grade at Prince public School. Both my parents are uneducated and they work whole day as garbage pickers and work hard to send me to an English Medium School. However, when I returned back from school, there was no one to help me with my studies and I ended up watching TV in our neighbors house or playing marbles with my friends and as a result I was failing in 2 to 3 subjects every exam. This academic year I joined Asha tuition center and they helped me in my studies, I have not failed in any subjects since joining Asha tuitions. They also taught me how to be neatly dressed and to be regular to school & tuitions. Now my air is not only to pass in all subjects but to get a rank in my class. My parents are so happy seeing me studying at home and the improvements that I am making in regard to my studies.