Asha restoration home

“I wanted to become free, clean & lovable”

Thirteen years of my life before I came to Asha Restoration Home were violent and painful. I was abused when I was 12 years of age by a neighbor and then by my own brother in law at the age of 14. My parents migrated from place to place for seasonal work and my brother in law took full advantage of this and made money on me. I felt unworthy, unclean and not lovable but the staffs at Asha Jyothi helped me to open up. They helped me to understand, it was not my fault and I am clean. They assured me that I am a lovable & beautiful person.

“I felt lonely & ashamed”

At the age of 12 my uncle, who was my father figure started sexually abusing me and did terrible things to me. I was so afraid but could not share it with anyone because my uncle told me, what he did to me was because he loved me. He said it had to be our secret because no one else would understand and it would cause problems in the family. It became my burden not to let my pain cause problems in our family. And as long as I kept this secret, I couldn’t get free from the pain of it. It became unbearable and I had to run away from home only to be trapped by evil men. I am so grateful that someone brought me to Asha Restoration Home and today I am free, I have a skill and job at hand and above all a sense of dignity and desire to help other women who are in similar situation.

“Rescued at the right time from being forced into prostitution”

Jyothi is the older one in her family and she has a younger brother. Her father was an alcoholic and in his drunken state he would force her mother into prostitution so that he can have the money to gratify his drinking habits. Whenever she refused to comply he would burn her leg and hands with cigarettes. As a result of this Jyothi’s mother is HIV+ now. When Jyothi was in her 8th grade her father forced her to discontinue her studies. When her mother saw signs of her husband forcing Jyothi also into prostitution, she immediately got in touch with a community based organization and through their help brought her to Asha Restoration Home. Jyothi is now going through two skills training program so that she will have a skill to be employed and stand on her own leg.

“Jyothi’s  mother was trafficked and her father walked away from her. Having nowhere to go Jyothi ends up in asha restoration home”

Jyothi’s father was an alcoholic and he did not take care of Jyothi or his wife Asha. Not being able to bear the pain & physical abuse at home Asha left home when a friend of her promised her job in Gulf. When she arrived in Mumbai, she realized that she was trafficked and was forced into flesh trade.( Sex trafficking ) When her mother went away, her father refused to take care of Jyothi and one day he just walked away from home. Jyothi stayed with her grandmother for few years but when her grandmother could not take care of her any more, Jyothi approached MAS (help group for red light district). Not wanting her to enter the flesh trade ( Sex trafficking ), the help group brought Jyothi to Asha Restoration Home. She is now going through Beautician Training Program at Asha Jyothi.

“How can we bring a smile on Jyothi’s face after having gone through so much”

Jyothi studied only up to 6th grade and had to drop out of school because of difficult situations at home. Jyothi’s mother works as a Prostitute at Rajamundry areas in costal Andhra Pradesh. Last year she became very sick and shifted the family to Hyderabad. Jyothi is the first child to her mother and her mother has married three times and has been in this trade for 13 years. She is now very sick and does not have help from her present husband. Jyothi has had enough in her life by an abusive step father, sick mother and ill treatment from customers who came to her mother. Though Jyothi wanted to help her mother and be with her in her sickness, her mother does not want her daughter to suffer the same way as she did and thus she brought her daughter to Asha Restoration Home through the help of Chaitanya Mahila Mandali, an organization which works among commercial sex workers.

Jobs for restoration home girls

Jyothi & Asha both were part of our pilot Asha Restoration Home Project. They got graduated in April 2014. They were with us from September 2013 to April 2014. Both have had horrific experience in terms of sexual abuse. We are glad to say that after their graduation Jyothi is now employed as Computer Assistant operator at Vedantha Industries and Saritha as Assistnat accountant in Muthoot Finance Group. Both of them started working in May2014.

Asha Restoration Home is involved in Rescue and Rehabilitation of girls who are trafficked.

* Names changed for security purposes.