Asha income generation projects

Asha Jyothi has made conscious efforts from the beginning to create income generating projects so that the operational cost of these projects can be met. Since 2009, Asha Jyothi has generated income for all their philanthropic projects through the following projects.

Asha Micro-Loan

Asha Microfinance has been in operation since October 2010. Most of these loans are given to ladies who go through our employable skills training program to set up micro businesses. This has generated income every month since we began.

Asha Garment Factory

This has been in operation from 2012 and has been very instrumental both in terms of generating income and providing jobs for our Restoration Home girls and also for school dropout girls who go through our skills training program.

Asha Books & Music

Established in October 2012 and has seen tremendous success. In January 2013 we opened a coffee shop in the bookshop, which now offers counselling.

Asha Gift Line

Started in July 2015 sells gift products to our bookshop customers

Asha Beauty Parlor

This again functions both as a income generation project and provides jobs to those who have gone through Beautician Institute.