Asha employable skills training centers

54% of India’s population is below the age of 25. This is nearly 550 million young people below the age of 25 and that is why India is known as the youngest nation in the world. India has the highest number of young people in the world yet there is only 11 to 12 million who are enrolled in the colleges. Most of these 550 million young people have never been to school and some of them are educated upto 7th or 8th grade and have dropped out of school not being able to pay the fees or for various reasons in the family.

In the semi urban and rural India the situation is even worst with severe poverty and regular drought; many rural young people end up in cities looking for jobs. These migrant workers end-up in slums with no access to health care, low self esteem, homelessness, poor hygiene conditions. Though India is in acute need of skilled workers (150 Million workers needed by 2020), yet more than 80% of 550 million young people in India are not skilled in any job. Due to lack of Vocational Skills Training, these young men lack job opportunities, resulting in family disputes, quarrel at home, suicide, theft, smuggling of drugs and gang wars.



Employable skills training programme for young men & women of india:

There are over 500 million young people who are looking for a job and the Indian Industry is looking to employ 150 million skilled workers by 2020. Realizing this need Asha Jyothi started employable skills training program in April 2008 and have trained over 2500 young men and women in employable skills training program and 89% of these students are employed today.


From wanting to committ suicide to a life full of hope & expectation

Suma who completed her basic and advanced beautician course had come to Asha Jyothi with a very heavy heart. Her husband was unemployed for 2 years, he ran from pillar to post searching for job but all his effort went in vain. They got so frustrated and started going into depression and felt many time suicidal. As a family they were struggling financially, there was so much of tension, worry and no peace in the family. They found it even difficult to feed and educate their children. Then one of our previous batch students who happened to be her cousin told her about Asha Jyothi Beautician course. She was able to complete her job and is now employed as a beautician tutor in an institute.

Middle aged men learning computers at ashajyothi in the fear of loosing their jobs due to lack of computer knowledge

Mr. Prasad is married & has two children. He has worked for the past 20 years but lost his job recently. Having no knowledge in computers meant that he could not get another job. Mr. Prasad is one of our present batch students who will complete his course in October and hope to get a job with his newly acquired skill of MS office.

My husband lost his job, we have nothing left, can you train me in computer and i will pay you the fees when I have a job

Pushpavathi walked into our office on February the 4th 2014 because her husband had lost his job and the situation was so bad at home that they have no money to pay the rent and they had to go hungry many times. Someone told her that if she trains at Asha Jyothi, she will be sure to get a job so she came to Asha Jyothi and said, please help me with computer training now and I will pay you back as soon as I get a job. She was trained and she paid back the fees after she got the job.