In July 2007 an NGO worker brought two girls to Saji & Cynthia’s home who were being abandoned on road by their father who didn’t want them because they already had four girls. Though at that time we didn’t have any children homes, yet knowing the danger of these two young girls being left on the road and the advantage that the traffickers would take of this situation made us to welcome these two girls into a small rented building which we called as Asha Children Home. What began with these two girls soon grew to be 16 and then to 18 children in that year. As of now we have 9 children homes with 117 children. Three of these homes with 30 children are children of commercial sex workers.



Jyothi was just three years old when she was left in front of a church along with her elder brother. The Pastor from the local church brought her and her brother to Asha Jyothi in 2011. Both Jyothi and her brother have been part of Asha Jyothi ever since.


Vandana from Asha Jyothi Children Home was awarded the best student of the year in the Annual Day Function at St. Alphonsus School FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-15. Nine children from Asha Jyothi were awarded on that day for their performance in academics and sports. Our children were also the main attraction of the day with their many performances in dance, choreography and in the participation in the skit that was organized by the school

* Names changed for security purposes.