Human traffickers search areas where poverty is at its highest, telling parents that their daughters can find well-paid work in cities to support themselves and also send money back home. The girls are then taken and forced to work as prostitutes. Orphans and vulnerable children are forced into 16-hour work days making carpets or fire crackers, in roadside eateries, or as domestic help. They suffer the long hours of work and also many health hazards. Instead of the promised good life, at the tender age of 12 or 13, girls are brutally forced to sell their bodies or slog for 16 hours a day. By age 18, most have lost opportunities in life and accept their plight, continuing to live in their circumstances.

Asha Jyothi works to provide these children a home and employable skills to school drop out girls and single moms.  So that they can work and not fall prey to traffickers.